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How does storage farming work?


This is a combination of Proof of Space (PoS) and Proof of Time (PoT). PoS allocates unused storage space (usually hard drives) to transactions, with PoT ensuring the correct timings. This allows Chia farms to 'seed' their empty hard drive space into 'plots', using the Chia Blockchain software.

What can I do with my rewards?


There are many things you can do with your rewards! 
1 . Convert it into Fiat or any other cryptocurrency.

2. Buy NFTs from marketplaces like dexie space.

3. Hold your earnings for the long term.

And many more!

How do I swap for USD?


To convert into USD, tap 'send' on the home page of the Evergreen App and proceed to sending to your XCH to your centralised exchange where youll be able to sell you XCH for USD or the coin of your choice.

How much power does Evergreen use?


The Evergreen Hub uses 5W of electricity and each drive uses 8W. Thus PRO kit (1x Evergreen Hub and 10x HDDs) uses 85W.

What farming pool does Evergreen use?


Evergreen uses Space farmers as its default pool. However we plan on adding more pools in the future.

Is the Evergreen miner noisy to run?


No! The evergreen miners are quiet to run (comparing to other miners). The only sound you will hear is the small fans running inside of the hard drives. (25mm)

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