Choose from color, TBe, and hub version. Kits include c29 Compression for a 211% Boost over base capacity.

- 1x 10TB Expansion Pack 
42TBe - 2x 20TB Expansion Pack
84TBe - 4x 10TB Expansion Pack 
170TBe - 4x 20TB Expansion Pack 
211TBe - 10x 10TB Expansion Pack
422TBe - 10x 20TB Expansion Pack 
844TBe - 20x 20TB Expansion Pack 

Grow your TBe, grow your rewards.

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What's in the Box?


01. Ensure the Expansion Pack is Powered

02. Connect to your Hub

You may have additional USB ports or will have to get an extra Powered USB Hub. Consider a PSU V2 if you are out of ports.

03. Check Device Manager

After 5-10 Minutes the new drive will show up in Device Manager. It may take 24 Hours to reflect on your pool dashboard.

4 Week Delivery

Hand made to order, quality inspected, in the USA.

90 Day Warranty

If you run into trouble we'll send a replacement for FREE!

Customer Support

We offer video and chat support to help with all questions.

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