Claiming your NFT Card.

Each Batch is associated with Artwork that you can find on the box, the EVGNFT Card, and can be set as the theme in the app. Legendary Artifacts are immutable objects that may unlock more features in the future.

The back of the card contains a QR code that contains an Offer file. Each offer file grants, the ability to claim the offer and receive one of the NFTs from the Batch Collection.

Step 1 :  Scan The QR Code


Open your camera app and point it at the QR code on the back of the NFT, a link should open up that points to the Evergreen App, tap on it.
Download a QR code reader app (e.x. here), scan the QR code and click on the link provided, it should open in the Evergreen App. *Tts recommended to delete the QR Code App after use

Step 2 : Claim The NFT

Parse the NFT Offer
Each QR code contains a unique Offer, an Offer is a partial transaction that can be accepted or "Claimed"
Tap the Claim NFT button to accept the offer for the Legendary NFT and 1000 Mojos, the smallest unit of XCH.
It can take several minutes for the NFT to appear in the NFTs tab, please be patient.

Step 3 : Set your Theme

Once your NFT appears under the NFT tab, tap on the collection, and then your NFT. You'll see a set of actions at the bottom of the screen.
Send: Send the NFT to another XCH Wallet Claim Token: See Step 4 Set Theme: Set's the app theme to the Batch NFT
Tap Set Theme and your app will transform!
In order to Reset to Detault, tap on the Current theme which will open a menu and tap the "Reset to Default" Button at the bottom.

Step 4 : Claim Your Token.

In order to claim the Batch Token tap Claim Token on the NFT Actions. You can claim 1 token per NFT every 24 Hours.
It can take a few minutes for the token to arrive and will be under the Coins Tab..
Read more about Batch Tokens Here..