Meet the team behind Evergreen

Meet the team behind Evergreen

I am excited to introduce the team we've assembled at Evergreen.

Evergreen started in July of 2021 when I launched our prototype with Brandoncoin. What ensued was several months of tweaking Chia farming software, pushing endless AWS IoT over-the-air updates, fixing endless bugs, and sanding the crap out of 3D printed plastic cases. I knew I had to put a team together but struggled to meet developers that could take on hardware, software, mobile, and blockchain.


So I turned to the Chia community for help.

First I met James. We were both excited by 1-click farming and collaborated on shipping a 1-click PlotNFT tool. I was incredibly impressed by his ability to handle complex systems, and existing knowledge of all things farming.

Then I met Grant through a variety of Twitter spaces we co-hosted. Grant has a very impressive background in developing new products, notably serving as CSO at Exodus. Grant happened to be working on Chia Crypto Utils, a Dart based SDK for Chia. I happened to be working a Dart based device management app, and after some extensive tech due diligence, Grant decided that Evergreen was the place to build.

Grant, James, and I got together and decided that we needed to make it happen. We brought in some friends, Mo for design, Farley on DevOps, Evan and Devon on Production Management, Jon doing hardware, and the team at Irulast on our Mobile app.


What an incredible squad! From Dylan in his garage, to world-class HW/SW team. Even more exciting is that in just 3 months of working together, we built a mobile experience, refactored the custom OS in Rust, nailed down our cloud management, and designed hardware for scale.
You read that right, garage to production in 3 months.

I am beyond excited to see what our team will accomplish over the course of the next year. Read more about the team below.

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