Introducing the EVG Farmers Club: Where you can earn more!

Introducing the EVG Farmers Club: Where you can earn more!

Welcome to Evergreen Miner’s brand new loyalty program, where your loyalty pays off in more ways than one.

Today we would like to highlight how to sign up, some great ways to earn points, and some of the rewards you can unlock! 

Embarking: Setting Up Your Evergreen Loyalty Account.

When entering the Evergreen Miner website, you may notice a button including the Evergreen Logo in the bottom left corner. This button is your ticket to unlocking your new Loyalty rewards!

Upon clicking the button you will be greeted and prompted to click the “Join Program” button. If you have already purchased you can click "Sign In"!

From there you create an account using your email to get started earning points right away!



Following your account creation  you will be greeted by our user-friendly dashboard announcing your current points, how to earn points, redeeming points, reward list, and your point history!


Next let’s look at some of the great ways to earn points so you can reap some amazing rewards!

The Journey: Earning Points With Evergreen

Our loyalty program isn't just about rewarding your dedication to Evergeen, it's also about making sure that your loyalty pays off in a big way. Earning points is easy and fun, and we've created multiple avenues for you to accumulate your loyalty points. Let's dive into how you can stack up those points.



Unlocking Your Experience: Discover Exclusive Tiers and Rewards

At Evergreen, we believe in celebrating your loyalty by offering you not just rewards, but an entire spectrum of experiences tailored to your dedication. With our newly launched loyalty program, you'll journey through different tiers, each offering an exciting array of rewards that will enhance your shopping experience like never before. Let's delve into the tiers and their incredible benefits:



Join us on this journey through our loyalty program and let your loyalty flourish into a lush forest of incredible rewards and benefits. Start earning points today and watch as your shopping experience with Evergreen transforms into an extraordinary adventure. Whether you're a Seed just starting or a proud Whale at the peak, we're here to celebrate your loyalty every step of the way!

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